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A slow rhythm on
Adda's riverside
localition Trezzo d’Adda, Paderno d’Adda, Imbersago, Brivio, Airuno, Olginate, Garlate, Lecco - departureTrezzo d’Adda - arrival Trezzo d’Adda - distance 60 km - difference in height 550 mt - intensity medium - period All year long - time 6 hours
Tour departing from the bergamasca side of Adda di Trezzo, where the Castle and the hydroelectrical base of Taccani can be visited. An amazing example of industrial archeology. On the riverside, basic and more technical tracks will alternate, until the most dificult sector under Paderno bridge known as "della Via Crucis".
Thanks to Imbersago ferry boat you will arrive at the lecchese side where the quiet riverside flows. The ancient rocca di Brivio and the panoramic rocchetta di Airuno, will guide you to Lecco. The way back will be on the same track until Paderno, with original sectors to end this exciting Tour.
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Single Day Tour
fare40 euro each,
35 euro each when two people or more

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