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On smuggler's traces
locationBernina, Livigno, Val Alpisella, Lago di Cancano, Bormio, S. Caterina, Val di Rezzalo, Tresenda, passo Dordona, Foppolo, Branzi, piani di Bobbio, Lecco, fiume Adda, Monza - departureOspizio Bernina - arrival Monza - distance 310 km - difference in height7.300 mt - intensityHard - period Beginning of Summer - time4 days
Exciting four days tour, departing from Ospizio Bernina (reachable by train). We will constantly ride out of the city's caos hand, in splendid natural views.  Cancano, Tresenda and Branzi lakes will be our break points.

DAY 1. Train from Milano or Monza to Tirano, then red Bernina train until Diavolezza and finally on our bike seat to Ospizio Bernina. With the val da Vain we will descend direction Livigno, where our lunch break and a quick shopping tour is expected. Climbing to Val Alpisella, passing through the Adda's sources we will reach Cancano lake where our first night will be spent.

DAY 2. Long the Fraele's lake side, we will descend to Bormio on asphalt, climbing offroad to S. Caterina Valfurva first and then Gavia's path, where a turn will drive us to the savage val di Rezzalo. In here the discreet presence of human establishments leaves an open space to the natural beauty. Having a lunch break in a shelter is possible on request. The descend to Valtellina and a few kilometres on the cycle road until Tresenda will conclude our day.

DAY 3. Here the climbing day! After 25 kilometres on the cycle way long the fiume Adda's lake side, we will reach Fusine,  where we need to find the beginning of the Val Madre's climb, long and hard, until passo Dordona. Breath management is suggested, because 1800 meters climb could really test your limits. Passing by an alpine pasture, after an home-made cheese shopping, we can recharge our battery at Rifugio Dordona. From here a few climbing kilometres are still waiting for us, following the descent to Foppolo, to end up our day at Branzi.

DAY 4. On asphalt we will easily reach Olmo al Brembo, where a light climb will bring us to Valtorta. Now descents are more complicated until piani di Bobbio. Here we will concess ourselves a brake, before descending under the view of the cable car, where the irregular floor could make slippery easy for everyone. For the brave ones a downhill track is avaible. From Barzio to Ballabio then Lecco. And finally the runway on the Adda's side until Paderno, where a short but intense climb will let us gain altitude next to the iron bridge. Fully satisfied for the nature's beauty, we will be heading to Villa Reale di Monza for a final thriumphant picture.
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Four Days Tour

fare480 euro each (with a minimum of three partecipants) 3 dinner, 3 breakfast, accomodation included

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