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At Grigne's shadow
Montevecchia's Pyramids
The Old Val Brembana Train Station
Flow track on Medieval track
Briantei Lakes Wanted
Natural Bike Park longside the City
A slow rhythm on the Adda's riverside
On the edge of Dorsale Lariana
The watershed between Lecco e Bergamo
Culmine, Piani and the "sleepy" Valley
In proximity of Pizzo  dei Tre Signori
Climbing up to the suspended lake
Beeches and Rivers with hystorical vibes
Under a sky full of stars at Monte Due Mani
At the Hermit Pass between Italy and Switzerland
The old Finance Barraks
Cuntrabande: On Spalloni's traces
Villages and Uplands in Centre-Italy
Earth and water: Peaks and Lakes between Lombardia and Trentino
Off-road only from Monza to Montevecchia
Sunrise from Cornizzolo
From Sunset to Sunrise on Dorsale Lariana
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