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On the edge of Lariana Ridge
location Como, Brunate, rifugi della dorsale, Colma di Sormano, Monte San Primo, Bellagio - departure Como - arrival Bellagio - distanza 38 km - difference in height 1.250 mt - intensitymedium-hard - period All year long, safe winter - time6/7hours
Classic Tour of Lake of Como, between the two branches. From Como to Brunate with the funicolar, heading on asphalt to the voltiano lighthouse, facing the lake, built in 1927 in memory of Alessandro Volta's death wich happened 100 years before .
You will ride on sentiero delle baite, visiting severals shelters ending at beeches' path. This fast single track climbing up and down will offer you unforgettable feelings.  After a half-way break at colma di Sormano, famous for its well known "wall" present in severals Tours in Lombardia, you will reach Monte San Primo, with splendid views on the lake. Here the descent is starting, precipitous and technical at the beginning, off road until Martina shelter.
Last sectors on asphalt direction Bellagio, where the boat will bring you to Como or Varenna. Do you still have (lots of) energy? Save your breath to ride the longlake of Como after 33km on asphalt.
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Single Day Tour
fare40 euro each,
35 euro each from two people or more

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