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Montevecchia's Pyramids
locations Casatenovo, Monticello Brianza, Missaglia, Viganò, Lissolo, Ceregallo, Cereda, Montevecchia - departure Casatenovo - arrival Casatenovo - distance 48 km - difference in height1.080 mt - intensity Medium - period All year long - time 4/5 hours
Departing from Casatenovo to ride on a medium intensity track, passing through lots of characteristing corners of Parco del Curone. Climbing up and down, technical tracks and amazing views will interchange, like vigneti del Curone, the Cascines now become b&b, the famous "petrified sources"  for their high level of limestone and the 3 Montevecchia pyramids, under the scientists spot, arranged like the di Giza's pyramids in Egypt.
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fare40 euro each,
35 euro each when two people or more

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