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A buddy night by bike from Monza to Montevecchia
 location Monza, Usmate, Montevecchia, Missaglia, Casatenovo - departureMonza - arrival Monza - distance 60 km - difference in height750 mt - intensityEasy - period Spring-Summer - time5 hours
Classic hot season-with-friends track, maybe on week-days, when the sun peak hours will make an eventual ride impossible.
Departing from Monza constantly off-road, we will reach Montevecchia.
Here the cool weather and the view on the plain will push you to try an icecream at the city centre, before getting into the panoramic path, direction discesa del cancello. Then, once it is late, the base is waiting for us on asphalt and different tracks.

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fare40 euro each,
35 euro each when two people or more

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