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location Ranica, Alzano Lombardo, Nembro, Cene, Gazzaniga, Fiorano, Vertova, Ponte Nossa, Clusone - departure Ranica - arrival Ranica - distance 58 km - difference in height 440 mt - intensity Easy- period All year long - time 5 hours
Departing from Ranica, you will follow the Valle Seriana cycle way, in a perfectly equipped path, almost totally on cycle way. On the way it will be easy to find bars and restaurants for a break. Once Clusone has been reached and after an italian coffee break, the Astronomico Fanzago Clock is a must to admire. Manually charged for 400 years, this watch is able to mark day and night hours, equinox and solstice, constellations, Moon periods and months.
The second half of the itinerary will be on the same track, on the side of Serio river. A break in Fiorano is suggested, especially during the summer to refresh your feet in the river's water. In Vertova is possible to variate the way, passing by its river.
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fare 40 euro each,
35 euro each when two people or more

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