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The watershed between Lecco and Bergamo
 locationLecco, Ballabio, Morterone, Costa del Palio, Brumano, Valsecca, Pertus, Carenno, Calolziocorte - departureLecco - arrivalCalolziocorte - distance65 km - difference in height2.200 mt - intensityHard - periodo All year long (if no snow conditions) - time 8 hours
Departing from Lecco you will ride to Ballabio from Montalbano dirty road, wich could result tuff for inclination and asymmetrical floor. A few kilometres before Ballabio's city centre, a turn right will conduct you to provinciale 63 climbing constantly until Morterone, the less-populated village of Italy.
Passing by the only "crowded" bar in the neighbourhood (if open please recharge the battery with an espresso), you will head to Resegone wood, finally reaching Passo del Palio, with its marvelous view on Valle Imagna, the Valcava and of course Resegone, all chained toghether from a visual memorable landscape. An easy descent will introduce the ascent on asphalt to reach Pertus at1400 metres. From here an unforgettable view of all aligned briantei lakes, the valle dell’Adda and lecchesi hedges. Keep doing with the ride and descent your last kilometres to Calolziocorte, off road unill Carenno, then on asphalt.
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Single Day Tour
fare40 euro each,
35 euro each from two people or more

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