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Culmine, Piani and the "sleepy" Valley
 location Culmine S. Pietro, piani di Artavaggio, rifugio Gherardi, Fraggio, Pizzino, Sottochiesa, Olda, Vedeseta, Avolasio - departureCulmine  S. Pietro - arrival Culmine  S. Pietro - distance36 km - difference in height1.300 mt - intensitymedium - periodSpring-summer - time6 hours
Once you have left your car at Culmine di S. Pietro, head to piani di Artavaggio on a practicable dirty road. Reached the little church, you will face a medium off road climb, to continue to piani d’Alben, with a final regenerating break to rifugio Gherardi
At half of the descent, direction Val Taleggio a deviation brings you to borgo di Fraggio, testimony of the ancient agricultural culture wich in the past was counting 1000 inhabitants. The splendid chiesetta di San lorenzo of 1200 shows a different inclination of its walls, reminding more a defense building than a religious church.
Back to the main track, you will continue the descent until Val Taleggio. AtPizzino the asphalt climb will bring you at the departing point of the Tour.
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Single Day Tour
fare40 euro each,
35 euro each from two people or more

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