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The Old Val Brembana Railway
location Zogno, San Pellegrino Terme, San Giovanni Bianco, Cornello, Lenna, piazza Brembana - departure Zogno - arrival Zogno - distance 45km - difference in height 660 mt - intensityEasy - period All years long - time 4 hours
Leaving from Zogno, climbing up the valley until Piazza Brembana, riding through viaduct and perspectives excavated in the rock at the beginning of 900 to host the Ferrovia della Val Brembana.
In function until 1966, when the asphalt took the railway's place, converting several stations in private buildings, but still keeping the original and characteristic style.
Almost completely covered by an ad-hoc track, you will climb up to the Brembo with limited inclines, passing through San Pellegrino Terme and his liberty hotel. Closed in 1979, now re-opening in 2019. Several galleries will automatically switch on the lights passing through with the bike. At Cornello Tasso an alternative ride is suggested to visit the old village where the "postal service" was invented. The return way will be the same.

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fare 40 euro each,
35 euro each when two people or more

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