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Flow track on Medieval paths
 location Paderno d’Adda, Sotto il Monte, Pontida, Opreno, Odiago - departure Paderno d’Adda - arrival Paderno d’Adda - distance 48 km - difference in height 1.390 mt - intensity Medium - period All year long - time 5/6 hours
Departure point is at 80m above Adda's river, passing through the Paderno's iron bridge. You will ride off-road tracks along the river until Imbersago, passing by  Leonardo's ferry boat, wich can transport people, bycicles and cars from one side to the other just using the water flow .
After a quick track next the Adda river, Sotto il monte is the next step, to finally climb the Monte Canto, called “monks mountain” for the important presence of churches and cloisters. Then you will reach Pontida to ride on asphalt until Opreno, in Val San Martino at the border between Lecco and Bergamo. Here you can enjoy a single track in the wood, 10km long. Back to Canto's pendix, you will re-join Leonardo's boat to finally climb back to the departure point.

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fare40 euro each,
35 euro each when two people or more

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