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Tre Signori Peak
locationIntrobio, Taceno, Margno, Pian delle Betulle, Valbiandino - departureIntrobio - arrivalIntrobio - distance37 km - difference in height1.050 mt - intensityHard - period Spring-summer - time7 hours
Splendid itinerary wich makes you ride at the edge of Val Biandino facing Pizzo dei 3 Signori. From Introbio you will make your muscles warm on the cycle ways until Tacen. You will finally reach Margno on asphalt to take the cable car to pian delle Betulle, where is possible to admire the modern alpine church, riding until Larice bruciato. The Valsassina river is a few kilometres below us, while the firs will characterise the left side of Valvarrone.
After a few sectors in slight slope, you will need to push your bike by hand until bocchetta di Agoredo (1800 mt). Beyond this point, the beautiful track on the edge will let you admire Pizzo dei 3 Signori and the all Val Biandino. After riding until Boeucc del Ratt, you will descend to the valley floor through a tuff path. Attention is needed. The Rifugio Madonna della neve will give you the chance to enjoy a break. From here to Introbio, a descent will accompany us until the end of the Tour.
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Single Day Tour
fare40 euro each,
35 euro each from two people or more

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