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Climbing up to the suspended lake
 location Paderno d’Adda, Caprino bergamasco, Carenno, Monte Tesoro, Valcava, Torre de Busi, Colle di Sogno, Calolziocorte, Adda - departureImbersago - arrivalImbersago - distance67 km - difference in height1.700 mt - intensityHard - period All year long (with no snow conditions) - time7 hours
From the leonardesco ferry boat of di Imbersago you will ride the side of Adda until rocca di Brivio, with its several centuries origins. Passing through the bridge you will commence your climb to Sopracornola on asphalt. After an almost entirely off-road ascent , Pertus is reached, a small mirror of water suspended between Lecco and Bergamo. From its sides you can admire Costa del Palio, la Passata, il Resegone and all the Valle Imagna.
Descending the track you will quickly re-cover all kilometres climbed with effort. Once reached the Valcava antennas, facing the all plain at the South, the question "why did I wanna to do this?" will automatically bump in your mind. But from here only descent until Torre de Busi, then Sogno, Carenno, Calolziocorte. From Olginate through the Adda you will go back to Imbersago.
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Single Day Tour
fare40 euro each,
35 euro each from two people or more

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