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Beeches and Rivers with hystorical vibes
 location S. Omobono Imagna, Rota Imagna, Brumano, Costa del Palio, Cornabusa, Clanezzo - departureS. Omobono - arrivalS. Omobono - distance50 km - difference in height1.600 mt - intensityMedium - periodAll year long - time6 hours
Departing from S. Omobono Imagna, climbing for 15 km at 7% pendence until Costa del Palio. You will cover the edge of Costa until agriturismo Costa, with an amazing view on Resegone, Morterone and Valle Imagna. Do not get surprised if you could not take your eyes off the landscape!
From here a descent and a hard ascent to the 3 centuries-old Beeches are waiting for us. In front of the beeches a  celtic altarar is facing the Valle Imagna. This Tour cant get enough, offering step by step the Cornabusa sanctuary built in a natural cave, Chit√≤ naturalistic path and Clanezzo port with its Attone's Medieval bridge. You will finally climb up until S. Omobono Imagna.
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Single Day Tour
fare40 euro each,
35 euro each from two people or more

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